Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Cat!

We rescued another cat about a week or so ago. Our first cat, Kaya, has been with us for 3 years and is about 4 years old. We adopted her from a shelter where she had just given birth to a litter of kittens. I've posted a couple pictures of her before, but here's another.
Kaya is all black, and something about the color of her fur is very difficult for my digital camera to focus on. So I have about a hundred out of focus pictures of this beast. And she is a beast. When we brought her home she was so scrawny that I thought she was a short-haired cat! Not anymore! She's not fat though, she's just very, very fluffy.

Our latest addition is also a rescue. Manatee was living in the home of a hoarder with 51 other cats. He'd been at the shelter for almost a year when my man picked him out. The folks at the shelter guessed his age to be about 3, but I think he's much younger. With us he's super playful and loves to chase the laser lights and throw balls around. He's a little shy of people, but is starting to purr and bump our hands when we pet him. He adores Kaya, though she was a little uncertain at first. But already they're chasing eachother around and I think very soon will be great companions.
Manatee is all grey, long hair. You can see the black beastie behind him. Manatee is also very scrawny. You can feel every rib and vertebrae. He seems to be very long, but it might be an illusion because he's such a skinny guy. He reminds me of a mangy grey squirrel, with his tail all wrapped up.
I adore them both. And you'll just have to put up with the occasional, out-of-focus, cat picture.


steveroni said...

Sure hope I'm the first to post about this: How can you have a cat for three years which is only one year old?

Now, THEREin is a riddle. Probable solution? Cat is three years old, you've owned it for one year. Actually, how ever many years, it is the CAT which has owned YOU....-grin!

Good Show, Molls. Love, Steve E.

Prayer Girl said...

I love kittens and I love your little kitties. Adorable and I like the pictures - focus and all.

Kathy Lynne said...

From the MFRS I presume:) Very cute. Sadly, I am allergic to cats..we had one once..for the kids...and then she died. Not to be replaced.

The snow WAS pretty on Sunday..I'm over it now.

Shadow said...

oh you're an angel. what a beauty you've rescued too!

Addicted Rantings said...

You did a wonderful thing rescuing another cat. I am so happy for you guys. ~AR

Molls said...

Typo Steveroni. The cat is FOUR years old and we've had her for THREE.

Kathy Lynne, we actually went to the Merrimack River Feline Rescue on 110 in Salisbury. Too bad you're allergic, they're a great organization.

Syd said...

I like the name Manatee. My cats have all been rescues. They are grateful happy cats. I do miss my black cat Abraham. He was one of a kind.

Lou said...

I'z cat people. I have posted pictures of our sassy Weeziegrrl (Louise). My husband found her in a warehouse downtown, and she is a sweetie. But after 3 years, still skittish as heck!