Sunday, March 1, 2009


We went back to the little yellow house today to see if it was still The One. I'm scared to buy this house. Life is so uncertain. I do not like to gamble, and this feels like gambling with everything I have.
I'm reading a terrific book called "An Altar in the World" by Barbara Brown Taylor. She talks about finding God everywhere, in everyone. She talks about the divinity of the human body and its desires and failures. All part of God's universe.
I am scared of screwing up this relationship again.


steveroni said...

I got a look at the tall yellow house. You will stay slim and trim, walking up and down stairs, that's good. House is pre-civil war, heck my violin was made when your house was six years old (1856).

I would bet that it is buily strong and solid how do you say, "Built to Last!!!" -grin.

Here in Naples, the only thing that old is Indian burial mounds!

Good luck. Pray about it. You have? Well, some MORE!

Syd said...

I guess that when I have fears, I inventory them, see if there is a basis. And I follow my "gut" instinct. I think the only guarantee is that my HP is there with me for every decision.