Sunday, September 21, 2008

A good weekend

Hey, you know what? Life goes on. And my man is at his forth (count 'em!) AA meeting in as many days.

Happy dance, happy happy happy dance!

Here's the conclusion I came to this weekend. I think that I can handle the episodes of drinking, if we're communicating in between and he's making an effort to get help(specifically by going to AA).
And while he may not like that the subject of conversation is his drinking, I think he's going to have to get over that. He's also going to have to realize that as long as we're together, we're dealing with this disease together.
I wish I prayed (I know I've said that before), because if I did I would pray that he continues to go to a meeting every night. I would pray that someone would reach out to him at a meeting and pull him into a community that will support and understand him. I would pray that the meds help to lift his spirits and make him feel worthwhile. Mostly, I would pray for us to find comfort and security with each other. Boy, with that kind of list, I think I better learn how to pray and who to pray to.

And now, a short, first time attempt at a gratitude list:
I am grateful for

1. The juiciest, freshest, most amazing peaches from the farm up the road (nectar of the gods, truly)
2. A fun day exploring and shopping in this amazing town I live in
3. Having my own little postage stamp to garden in
4. My beautiful home and funny cat
5. The 190th anniversary of the Topsfield Fair (can't wait!)

And so, as the little boy across the street likes to shout out the window; "GOOD NIGHT WORLD!"


Shadow said...

that's a cute kid across the road...

pray? i think you just did. i'll pray for you too. good luck and lots of love!!!

Lou said...

What a nice, uplifting post to start the week.
Guess what, I started praying in the last couple months (I mean other than when I wanted something) with the encouragement of blogger-ville!

Kathy Lynne said...

You just prayed:)

Cat said...

Hey Molls one day at a time, one moment at a time, he is doing it - I do not pray either but I do love gratitude list's! - life does go on and it sounds like it is going very well for now - good for you both!!! Cat

Syd said...

Good thoughts and ones that indicate how much you care. I'm glad that your guy is going to AA. And communication is so important.

AlkySeltzer said...

I've heard it said that, "If you don't pray, and do not know who to pray to...use another's Higher Power."

Pray to it, pretend that you know who it is, and "talk" to it, JUST like you wrote.

Your husband will learn, in Alcoholics Anonymous, how to pray, and Who to pray to...hopefully.