Saturday, November 15, 2008

60 days of sobriety

Tomorrow my man will reach his sixtieth day of sobriety. So why did I cry myself to sleep again last night? Who is this man I've been living with for six years? I feel as though I don't know him at all. I should feel good about this change in him, isnt' this what I wanted? Not only is he not drinking, but he's no longer moody and depressed. In fact he's silly and teasing all the time, when all I want is a normal conversation.
We've been working on this relationship for years and still not getting anywhere.
He's getting sober. I'm getting older. But together we still can't communicate. I'm tired of working on it.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have the energy again.


Shadow said...

take a deep breath. change is weird. it's probably that you need to re-balance your relationship, find your 'slots' again... and congratulations on his 60 days, that's great!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Hey Molls,

I totally relate to this, on the other side, but I still get it, my husband and I have been together almost six years and we are just now beginning to really connect as humans and in acceptance... I think that what happened for me is I woke up and then went to work on the adjusting to all of life...

Big hugs to you today!

cedrorum said...

Life is ever changing, and hence, relationships are ever changing. My wife and I have been married 19 years. She has been sober a little over 2 years. Things are still changing for us on both of those fronts. Committing to a relationship with a significant other is work, sometimes hard work (even if you both get along). Many people aren't up for the task.

AlkySeltzer said...

Molls I sure thought I commented here last night, but anyway, KUTGW (means Keep Up The Good Work) it ain't easy!

Cat said...

Change happens even if we think we want it to - or don't want it. I remember when my husband stopped drinking and the changes I saw in him and it scared me, it left me wondering how I fit in. I do still fit in and I found a new place, comfortably along side him. Hang in there, talk to him about what your feeling, its OK.