Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mini Vacation

We just got back from four days in Florida, which was heaven after months of snow and cold and ice here in New England. The first picture was the view from our hotel (the second picture is our patio before we left).

Our plane was delayed, of course, so we didn't arrive until after 3am on Saturday. The poor guy checking us in must have felt really bad for us because he gave us a room upgrade, which we were way too tired to appreciate. But the next morning, when I opened to the curtains to that view. I felt like the luckiest gal on the planet! We had a terrific time in the sun. Plus we went to a live butterfly museum and spent hours watching the butterflies float by and the hummingbirds dart around. The trip was brief and more money than I wanted to spend, but worth it for every second we spent relaxing together in the sun.

Still haven't made a decision on the house, though.

But, I have a ring on my finger, so that means we're going to make another go of it! Don't expect any big wedding plans. We eloped the first time around and plan on going even more low-key the second (and final!) time.


Much love,


Syd said...

It looks like a great view. Glad that you had fun. And happy wedding planning.

Kathy Lynne said...

welcome home molls...sounds blissful..and congratulations:)

Vann C. said...

I'm jealous. I have had 'Florida Fever' for the last few months.

Good luck on the second go-around. Hope it works out.